February 2017 Newsletter

Rising StarNewsletter

Calendar of Events

February 1, 1952 – Death of Maria Montessori

February 1 – 28 – In-House registration

February 2 – Ground Hog Day

February 13 – Primary class field trip to Stevi B’s

February 20 – President’s Day – No school

February 21 – 24 – Winter Break – No school

February – TBA – Jr. and Sr. Elem Field Trip


Our Registration for the upcoming school year has officially begun. In house registration is from February 1 st – 28 th . Because slots are very limited in some classes, registration will be on a first come, first serve basis. Packets and new pricing can be picked up in the office from Ms. Abbey. On March 1 st , registration is open to the public. Anyone not registered at that time will be put on our waiting lists. We hope you will continue to be a part of Rising Star and register early. Thank you in advance for choosing our school and being a part of our family.

ATTENTION! Due to recent information on regulations and liabilities, we can no longer put your child in their car seats. We will continue to be outside for drop off in the mornings and get them out of your car. We will bring them out to you at lunch or the afternoon but you will be responsible for putting them in the car seat. We hope you understand the change in our policy.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.


Aniha Lakhani – 02/03

Ms. Amber – 02/06

Arin Popatiya – 02/14

Nolan Moore – 02/15

Ryan Lalani – 02/15

Robert Moore – 02/25


Remember Ms. Caroline as she has surgery on Tuesday, January 31 st . We hope all goes well and she will be back on her feet as soon as possible. Ms. Jenifer has been gracious enough to step in during Ms. Caroline’s absence. We know she will do a superb job with the Toddlers.

The Toddlers will continue to work on skills:

 Following Directions and Sharing

 Expressive Language

 Pincer Grasp

 Buttoning, Lacing and Zipping

 Table Manners

 Numbers 1-5, Largest to Smallest

 Potty Training

*NOTE: A very important part of going to the bathroom independently involves appropriate clothing. Your child must be able to pull down/pull up clothing. Pants that snap, zip or button impede potty training. Belts, onesies over pull-ups also impede the development of this necessary skill. Please dress you child in elastic waist pants (NOT TIGHT) and pull ups or training pants if you want him/her to be potty trained. Thank you for all that you do.


 We will discuss Ground Hog Day.

 We will discuss Valentine’s Day.

 We will discuss Presidents and famous places in the United States. Please bring in a ½ pint container asap.

 We will discuss money and its value.

 We have started learning our states in preparation for our Geography Bee in March. Master Copies of the colored coded map have been sent home with the all day students. If your child is four and would like to participate, they can learn the Pink, Green, and Orange States. See Ms. Nancy for a copy of the States. Our Valentine Party will be on February 14th from 10:15 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. It will be very low keyed with the exchanging of cards and a snack for the children. We ask that each child bring in cards signed only and not addressed to a particular child. This allows each child to hand out their own cards without having to read a name.


January 30 – February 3 – “Gg”

February 6 – February 17 – “Vv”



Science – Animals, (basic needs, lie cycles, habitats).

History – Harriett, Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, Thurgood Marshall, Mary McLead Bethune, George Washingon Carver, Jackie Robinson and Presidents – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Geography – Africa

Money – Dollar Coin


Government – We will discuss How America Works, The Three Branches of Government, America’s Founding Fathers, Uncle Sam Wants You: Working for the Government.

History – Time line of Abraham Lincoln

Geography – New England States

In closing…