October Newsletter

Rising StarNewsletter

A Note from Ms. Debi & Ms. Nancy

Fall has arrived and we hope the weather will start getting a little cooler for us. This is the time that we try and enjoy the beautiful weather and sometimes eat outside. We ask that you keep the heat ups to a minimum. It would make taking the lunches outside much easier for us. Remember to change your child’s extra clothing to fall clothes instead of summer ones since it will be nippy in the mornings and afternoons. Observations for the Toddler and Primary classes start in October. We hope you will enjoy seeing your child in action. Please understand the importance of taking notes on the observation form that will be given to you and discuss with the teacher at a later time any concerns or questions regarding your child. Her attention will be completely on the children during the class time. Observations for the Elementary classes are at any time throughout the year. We ask that you give us notice so we do not have more than two parents at a time observing.


October Birthdays! 

Emmanuel Guishard – 10/1

Cheyanne Cornutt – 10/2

Tre Sorrell – 10/6

Ms. Rossi – 10/8

Ms. Debi – 10/11

Hudson Denney – 10/14

Dylan Johnson – 10/22

Griffin Bryant – 10/29


October Calendar

October 1 st – 4 th Tuition Payment due

October 3 rd – Parent Observations start

October 7 th – ½ day – 11:45 a.m. release for all class only students – Enrichment open

October 10 th -11 th – Fall Break – School closed

October 21 st – Primary Pajama Day

October 21 st – Sr. Elem. Field Trip to Hamlin Hill Farm Corn Maze, Forsyth, Ga.

October 24 th – Primary Pumpkin Patch Field Trip to Uncle Bob’s, Newnan, Ga.

October 24 th – Toddler Pumpkin Patch and Wagon Ride – On school grounds

October 31 st – Fall Festival Party – 10:30 a.m.

October 31 st – Sr. Elem. – Dress up day as Famous historical leader (excluding President)


Box Tops

We are continuing to collect box tops for our school. Box Tops now has a new app that you can download by going to Boxtops4educaiton.com.  Enter our school name, Rising Star Montessori andjoin. You will be able to scan the box tops or you can continue to cut them out and bring them in.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


Toddler Class:


(Ms. Caroline, Ms. Rossi, Ms. Shereen)

We are off to a good start. Our toddlers are working on:

 Getting a mat prior to an activity

 Selecting one activity and putting away before selecting another

 Sharing

 Fine Motor Skills (lacing beads etc.)

 Gross Motor Skills (dancing, skipping, jumping)

 Potty Training



(Ms. Nancy, Ms. Roslyn, Ms. Jennifer)

 We will discuss Primary and Secondary colors

 We will discuss seasons

 We will discuss signs of Fall (please have your child bring in 2 leaves and what they are from on Wednesday, October 12 th

 We will discuss Community Helpers and Fire Safety.

 We will have Pajama Day on October 21 st

 We will have our Field trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Monday, October 24 th

 Each student is to make a building to represent something in our community. It can be made on poster board, a shoe box, lego, etc. We will lay out a town with streets outside using these buildings. This is due on Wednesday, October 26 th

 Our Fall party will be on October 31 st . Each child is to dress as a Community Helper or a non-scary character. Please have your child wear a simple costume our outfit that is easy to put on or already have on. Please keep it simple and label everything! NO MASK PLEASE.


Sound of the Week 

October 03 – 07 – “Ll”

October 10 – 14 – “Pp”

October 17 – 28 – “Cc”

Jr. Elementary:

(Ms. Traci/Ms. Amber)

History – U.S. Government

Geography – Midwest, South and West Regions

Science – Heat Production and the effects

Money – Dime


Sr. Elementary:


(Ms. Debi/Ms. Lee)

Government – America’s founding documents

Presidential election

Science – The body and its functions

Field Trip – We will be going to a Corn Maze. Details and date TBA.

Dress Up Day – October 31 st each student is to dress up as a famous historical leader (excluding the President).


Have a wonderful October!  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  We love teaching your children.