September 2016 Newsletter

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We are excited about the new school year and working with your child/children.  The first couple of weeks has gone very well.  The new students are “learning” the routine and what is expected of them and the returning students are “remembering” their routine.  We hope to see each child “normalize” quickly, using inside voices, walking feet and putting things away in its proper place.

We know you are probably anxious to observe your child in the classroom.  We start our observations in October.  This gives the younger children time to get familiar with the classroom, their new lessons using equipment, and to build up their confidence.  This also gives time for the child to be able to see you in the classroom and not have an anxiety attack and cry when you leave.  If your child is in the Toddler or Primary class, you will be able to sign up for observations in September.  The sign up sheet will be located on the sign in table as you come up the ramp into the Enrichment room.  We ask that your observation start at 8:35 a.m. and last no longer than an hour.  You will be able to see circle and work time.  The Elementary observations will start in October also and will continue throughout the school year.  You can call the office to schedule an appointment.

This is our first newsletter of the year.  We will not be sending home hard copies but they will be emailed to you, posted on our information board and on our webpage.  We hope this will keep you up to date on the school news.


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August/September 2016



September 1st – Second Tuition Payment Due

September 5th – Labor Day Holiday

September 19th – Sr. Elem. Filed Trip – Capitol

September 23rd – Jr. Elem. Field Trip – Capitol



Ms. Misty – August 4th

Aurelius Brooks – August 8th

Ms. Rossi – August 10th

Angelina Thomas – August 12th

Skye Henry – August 13th

Cristian Maxan – August 14th

Ms. Diane – August 20th

Sawyer Montgomery – August 22nd

Owen Ilg – August 28th

Aiden Smith – August 29th

Chase McCoy – September 10th

Mr. Art – September 11th

Chloe Wilson-Allen – September 15th

Eyan Jones – September 16th

Lawson Schneider – September 19th

Adrijana Maxan – September 21st

Ms. Caroline – September 22nd

Cerenity Green – September 29th



We welcome parents who are willing to volunteer for us.  It can be from helping on field trips to listening to students read.  This year we need four volunteers monthly to cover classrooms at 3:00 p.m. from one to one and a half hours while we have our staff meeting.  Due to staff living far away, we are unable to do our meetings after school has closed as we have done in the past.  The class only children have left and we have only the enrichment children with numbers very low in the Toddler and Primary classes and up to nine in the Junior and Senior Elementary classes.   We will be in the building in case any problems arise.  Our first staff meeting will be on September 8th at 3:00 p.m.  If you can help in any way, please call the office as soon as possible.


(Ms. Carolyn, Ms. Misty, Ms. Rossi)

The children are doing very well after the second week of class.  The children are learning the routine and making new friends.  They love singing and one of their favorites is “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.  They are working on their fine and gross motor skills.  To reach independence, we would like you to help at home with letting the child put on and take off their shoes with little assistance.  This is the first thing they have to do when entering the classroom.  We look forward to a wonderful school year.


(Ms. Nancy, Ms. Roslyn, Ms. Jennifer)

The new children are doing excellent in their new class and our returning students have helped immensely these first two weeks.  We are excited about this school year and all that we can accomplish.

Our class will be doing a “Sound of the Week” throughout the school year as a group activity.  We teach the phonetic sound and not the name of the letter at this time.  For example:  “a” apple, “e” – elephant, “i” – igloo, “o” – octopus, and “u” – umbrella.


August 29th – September 2nd – “Ss”

September 6th – 16th – “Bb”

September 19th – 30th – “Aa”

We will also have a “Show-N-Tell on Thursdays for girls and Friday for boys.  Each student is asked to bring in one item starting with the sound of the week.  We ask that you try and keep it educational such as books, nature items, etc.  No play guns, knives, etc.

We have discussed ourselves, feelings, family etc. and will start:

Discussing our body

Discussing germs

Discussing colors

Discussing Johnny Appleseed and different types of apples.  We will make applesauce for a cooking activity.


(Ms. Traci, Ms. Amber)

The month of August, we discussed the 13 Original Colonies, Continents, Oceans, Weather and Climate, Works of Water and Money – Penny.

For September we will discuss:

History – U.S. History

Geography– continue with the 13 Original Colonies,

Northwest and Midwest Regions

Science – Works of Water, Works of Air

Money:  Nickel


(Ms. Debi, Ms. Lee)

We will be studying:


The 13 Original Colonies

Territories of France, Great Britain, and Spain

First Immigrants of America

Begin the study of America’s founding documents

Science:  Begin the study of Life Science


“The first duty of an educator is to stir up life, but leave it free to develop.”  Marie Montessori