Fighting Fear with Courage

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Written by Amber Bryant – Junior Elementary Assistant Teacher 
For the past 2 weeks I’ve watched my mini-me practice and work hard at learning the solo for her play. We played the CD in the car, on her karaoke machine, and she filmed herself on the iPad so she could watch it… And she never once complained. In practice at church, she was focused and always paid close attention to the director even when her friends were playing around. Now that’s dedication!
I started to think about how I needed to be more like that in my own life and what positive outcomes would come if I did that. I think we all need to find our inner child. This little girl took something she had never done before and wasn’t afraid to just go after it. Doubt never entered her mind… And if it did, it was their so briefly, it never had a chance.
Think about that, the things that we don’t pursue and follow through with are usually because we’ve let some kind of fear creep in and dissuade us. Stop listening to that voice of fear because FEAR is just False Evidence Appearing Real.
Not only did she NOT let fear deter her, but she looked it in the face and said GET OUT OF MY WAY!! The steps she took were what we all need to do. My mini-me went hard in the paint. She had laser focus on the goal and did whatever she had to do to make it happen. Nothing got her off her game, and instead of looking at her goal as a chore, she took pleasure in preparation. Any free time went to practicing. She worked hard and came up with creative ways to get it done. That passion is what we all need to tap into.
And finally the day came… She stepped on stage, the lights dimmed, and my baby grabbed the microphone, in a sanctuary full of onlookers! Of course I was a proud mama about to burst into tears. But more than just being proud of her, I was inspired. Inspired by her performance, her tenacity, and her willingness to go after what she wants and accomplish it. I was simply amazed at how much me… A mom, could learn from my five year old!
When I grow up I want to be just like my daughter.