If My Dolls Could Talk

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The following post has been written by Ms. Flor, our wonderful Spanish Teacher.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher.  If my dolls could talk they would have told you of my passion for teaching.  I have taught Spanish for the last 9 years and still enjoy passionately what I do for a living… teaching children. This past week I had a student come to my classroom with a very sad face. I thought he must be having a bad day, but as the class progressed he became more and more negative about anything we were doing in class. I was surprised since he has always shown excitement about Spanish class time, and so I asked him to stay after class. As I talked to him he finally opened up to me and told me how he was doing badly in school, all “Fs” he said, “I can’t do anything right”.

As I looked and listened to him, I thought of what a great boy he is, he loves to draw and I have been amazed of how well he demonstrates the details of whatever he is drawing. He has shown such great talent and all it’s all performed together in perfect harmony with such a passion. After talking to him and encouraging him to work hard, he left with a more hopeful attitude.

I realized how as a teacher I’m a part of this huge effort to teach children not only an academic subject, but to teach them to believe in a bright future for themselves. I also realized that my students will be with me for only a short time. Will they remember me, and will they remember the things that I have taught them? I can still recall many of my teachers in high school, I can’t remember very much of the subject matter they taught. The math, the history, the rules on English has largely been forgotten. But there is a residue, indefinable, which has remained with me all these years and which has been added to as I have traveled the road of life.

It speaks of the beautiful in music and art, in literature, in nature. It constantly beckons me to walk the high road. So I have come to the conclusion that whether you are a teacher by profession, or a mother or father, a sister or brother, an aunt or uncle, a grandma or a grandpa or just a good friend, we’re all teachers and we all must take the task to inspire in children faith in themselves, to live truth and to believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; and if there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, to seek after these things. And that’s not an easy task.

Flor Davis is the Spanish Teacher at Rising Star Montessori.  She has six beautiful children and 2 grandchildren.  She loves cooking, singing, the scriptures, and children.