Keeping My Promise by Tori Pabst

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In class we are doing a 30 day journey on living intentionally with our teacher, Ms. Debi and her hero John Maxwell.  On day two we are challenged to put someone else first before ourselves.

On this day I decided to put a particular classmate first.

We were playing basketball in P.E.  As we were playing the game, my chosen particular classmate was very upset because nobody was passing the ball to her.  I told her, no, I promised her that next time I got the ball I would pass it to her.  About five minutes later I got the ball and this particular classmate was in a tough position.  I couldn’t really throw the ball to her, and someone else was wide open, but I was determined to keep my promise.

Swapping my feet around, I could now throw it to her a little better, but she was still totally guarded by Philip, who was on the other team.

I thought about my promise to her and I thought about how Asia was wide open.  I knew what I had to do.  I threw the ball as perfectly as I could towards my chosen classmate.  I watched as the ball soared through the hair and then PLOP-smacked onto the ground, thanks to Philip and his excellent ability to block.

Thinking back, I realized that if I had thrown the ball to Asia, we would have won. But then I wouldn’t have kept my promise and I wouldn’t have been able to see the smile on this person’s face as the ball went airborne.  It made me feel good to keep my promise and even better to put someone else’s happiness first.

Tori Pabst is a 6th grader.  She loves art, writing, and is very athletic.  She also started the recycling program at the school and is known for her contagious laughter.  We love having Tori Pabst at Rising Star!