My Perfect Fall Day — By Marti

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My perfect fall day would be to take a walk at McCurry Park.  The fall colors would be vivid colors of brown, orange, and red placed perfectly in the trees. We would have our dog Roxie with us and Mama wouldn’t itch. It would be warm and my Nana would be with us, instead of in heaven with Jesus.  She would be wearing a jacket, like always. She would wrap me up into her arms and we would laugh. I would hold her cold hands and we would walk together hand in hand.  She would make rhymes about random stuff and it would all blend perfectly.  We would go home and have my mama’s delicious chili with the rest of our family.  My brothers would then play poker and Nana and I would talk about them, and laugh. She would spend the night and we would tell ghost stories till really late and then go to bed.  It would be the most awesome and perfect day. 

Written by Marti Musciano-Howard, a 6th grader.  She has been at Rising Star for 8 years.  She has a loving spirit, is a math whiz, loves animals, has a twin brother, and she wants to go to college at Emory to become a doctor.  We all miss her Nana who passed away earlier this year, she was a part of the RSMA family and is missed dearly.  

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