November 2017 Newsletter

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November 1 st – Tuition Due
November 1 st – Fire Truck for All Classes
November 17 th – Thanksgiving Feast – 10:30 –
11:45 a.m. Dismissal for all students at 11:45 a.m.
November 20 th – 24 th – Thanksgiving break
November 27 th – School resumes
November 28 th – Field trip to see movie “Wonder”
Kindergarten thru 8th grade.

We are finally seeing and feeling the signs of Fall. Please make sure your child is properly clothed for
the crisp mornings and that they have Fall and Winter clothing in their cubbies. Please periodically check your child’s cubby to insure they have a change of clothes in case of accidents. We have a very limited supply of extra clothes.

If you missed our Dinner and Art Under the Stars, we had a wonderful time. We hope you will be able to attend our next event. The weather was very cooperative, food was great and we enjoyed seeing and hearing from some of our alumni students. The art work was outstanding and we appreciate Mr. Adam, our art teacher, who helped
with the younger students, especially the Primary by drawing each piece for every child. We are blessed that Ms. Traci is not only a great teacher but a wonderful artist herself and helped with her class. Thank you also to Mark Montgomery (Ms. Debi’s husband) who strung all the lights for us and Ms. Debra for helping to organize the event.


We hope all parents are able to attend our feast. This is a big celebration and a time to get together. You will either be asked to bring a certain food or a chance to sign up to bring food, depending on your classroom. More information will be coming soon.


We were privileged last year to meet the organization behind the movie “Wonder”. This
movie is about a boy that looks different and his real life story. We are taking Kindergarten and above to see it. Parents are welcome to attend also. We just need to know in advance if you plan on attending. The children that are not able to attend, will have a short work time and a movie to watch themselves so they do not feel left out of this field trip. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Ms. Abbey.

Watch the trailer here:


Shanaya Popatiya – 11/5
Kiley Butler – 11/14
Lucas Smith – 11/22
Hudson Smith – 11/27


The toddlers are working on the following:
 Putting on/taking off their coats and shoes.
 Following directions.
 Sharing/taking turns.
 Learning manners.
We will learn the sound:
“Bb” – October 30 th – November 3 rd
“Nn” – November 6 th – November 17 th
“Ii” – November 27 th – December 1 st
We will also learn about shapes, community helpers and Thanksgiving.


Ms. Nancy/Ms. Roslyn – Thank you for your help with the Community Project. We were amazed at the variety of buildings or things in our community that the children came up with. We set up our community with streets and directions and allowed the children to walk the streets and follow directions. Attached is a picture. Everybody was a winner but congratulations to our top three winners: 1 st place, Elijah White (our first water
tower), 2 nd place – Sydney Wallace, and 3 rd place (a four way tie) – Caroline Foley, Cheyanne Cornutt,
Clarity Dang and Aria Myrie.

For November, both classes will:
 Discuss the Mayflower voyage.
 Discuss Thanksgiving and the events leading up to this historical event.
 Discuss Native Americans. We will be making Native American crafts and will need one round cardboard container (oatmeal, Pringles potato chip etc.) Please bring in as soon as possible.

October 30 th – November 10 th – “Ii”
November 13 th – November 17 th – “Tt”

We will be learning this month:
Science – States of Matter
Geography – Mexico
History – Noah and the Ark, the Ice Age

We will be learning this month:
Science – 7 th and 8 th grade – Physics
4 th – 6 th grade – Rocks and Minerals
Geography – 7 th and 8 th grade – The journey of Isaac and Jacob
4 th – 6 th grade – Southern States
History – All grades – The Timeline of Life


“He who is served is limited to his/her potential.” Maria Montessori