October 2017 Newsletter

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Even though Fall has officially arrived, it still seems like Summer. It is during this time though if the weather is not too hot, we try and enjoy the outdoors and eat outside for lunch on some days. We ask that you keep the heat ups to a minimum
so we are able to do this without a lot of work for setting up outside.

The Observations for the Toddler and Primary classes start this month. We hope you enjoy observing your child in the Montessori environment. Please understand the importance of taking notes on the observation form and discuss with the teacher at a later time any concerns or questions regarding your child. The teacher’s attention will be completely on the
children during the class time.

Observations for the Elementary classes are at any time throughout the year. We ask that you give us notice so we do not have more than two or three parents observing at a time. We have started a new policy at our school to start our week. All classes will meet at the new flagpole donated by the Howard/Musciano family in memory of “Nana” who was a vital part of Rising Star for many years. All students will meet on Mondays at 8:45 a.m. to pray, say the pledge and recite an ABC Bible verse. The Bible verse will be introduced each Monday and will be incorporated with writing skills, critical thinking, role play etc. For example, the A verse was “A soft answer turns away anger.” Proverbs 15:1.

We feel these are important verses to live by in our world today. Parents are welcome to join us. The verses will be posted on our web page for you to see each week. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

October 1st – Fourth Tuition Payment due
October 2nd – Parent Observations start
October 6th – 1⁄2 day – 11:45 a.m. release for all students. – No enrichment.
October 9-10th – Fall Break – School closed
October 13th – Pajama Day for Toddlers TBA – Toddler Field Trip
October 28th – Parent Appreciation Supper 6:30 p.m. at school. More information to follow. TBA – Field trip for Jr. and Sr. Elementary
October 27th – Pajama Day for Primary classes
October 31st – Fall parties in classrooms

Emmanuel Guishard – 10/1
Cheyanne Cornutt – 10/2
Ms. Kaycee – 10/5
Karl (Tre) Sorrell – 10/6
Ms. Debi – 10/11
Dylan Johnson – 10/22
Jack Thomas – 10/24
Griffin Bryant – 10/29

This month we will learn:
• The colors white, black, brown and gray (wear them on that Friday).
• We will finish our “All About Me” month and start learning about community helpers, pumpkins and Fall.
• We will have Pajama Day on October 13th .
• We will be introduced to the sounds: “Aa”, “Pp”, “Ff” and “Bb”. Our Fall Party will be October 31st. This year, we
will all dress up as characters from our favorite children’s storybook. We will be bringing the Pumpkin Patch to the
Rising Star Toddler class complete with pumpkins, hayride and a bouncy house. Families are welcome to join us for this event. Date TBA.

We will be discussing this month:
• Signs of Fall – have your child bring in a leaf.
• The four seasons
• We will discuss Fire Safety and Community
• We will have Pajama Day on October 27th.
• Each child is to make a building to represent something in our community. It can be made on poster board, using a shoe box, lego, etc. We will lay out a town with streets outside using these buildings. This is due on Wednesday, October 25th.
• Our Fall party will be on October 31st. Each child is to dress as a Community Helper or a non-scary character. Please have your child wear a simple costume or outfit that is easy to put on or take off. Please keep it simple and label everything. NO MASK PLEASE!
• Sound of the Week – October 2 – 13 – “Ff”, October 16 – 31 – “Pp”.


We will be studying:
Science: The Body – Organs
Geography – Canada
History – Creation – Biblical
Language – Articles, Declarative Sentences
Geometry – Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, and Octagon
Money – Nickel
Math – Clock, Addition Story Problems


We are studying the life and times of Walt Disney.
The children will be dressing up as a Disney Character that young children will know for the
party.  Geography – 7th and 8th graders will be studying Bible Geography and the journey of Abraham.  4th – 6th graders will be studying the Southern States. All grades will be studying the timeline of when States entered the Union. Science – 4th – 6th graders will study about the weather. The 7th – 8th graders will study physics.

BELIEVE YOU CAN, And you are halfway there.
Theodore Roosevelt