Our Dreams

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New lessons to learn and new lessons to teach…

I remember when I was growing up, in our backyard was a huge persimmon tree. I would go out many evenings and find my mom and dad sitting in chairs side by side beneath that tree. One day, when I was older, I asked¬†them, “What do you guys talk about out there?” Their answer, “Our dreams.” Over the years I watched as my parents worked hard to reach their dreams. I saw them reach many dreams and I saw them fail at some dreams. They taught me so much from both, NEVER BE AFRAID TO DREAM OR FAIL.

Since starting Rising Star 16 years ago each January I teach my students how to set their goals and I show them through my own actions how to dream. This year will be no exception, the only difference is we are going to do it differently. We are going to make our goals more visual by using a dream board and putting our goals in pictures. I want to inspire them to have great dreams and hopes for their future, like my mom and dad taught me.

I wish I could go outside one more time and see my parents sitting in those chairs beneath that old tree planning their future,and reminding me, ” If you can dream it, you can do it.”