TJ’s Marathon

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Written by T.J. Davis, an 8th grader at Rising Star Montessori:

“Life isn’t a race, it’s a marathon. Pace yourself and you will succeed, sprint and you will fail.”  – James Earl Jones.

I always enjoy looking back on this quote when I want to rush my decisions.  When you feel like you’re going to rush through something then remember to: stop, take a deep breath, and look at it from a different perspective.  Life isn’t something you need to rush through.  but you also shouldn’t just sit back and let it fly by.  Life is something you need to have a calm out-look on.  Stress tends to make you rush and completely takes away your calm attitude.  Ms. Debi always tells us to take our time and applauds when we DO catch mistakes that we would have otherwise missed if we had “sprinted the marathon.”

TJ has been attending RSMA for 8 years.  He loves soccer, his hero is Lionel Messi, and his favorite food is pizza.