Why I Love Children by Caroline Parsell

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This video reminded me why I love children; they are absolutely incredible! Children are trusting enough and courageous enough to tell us right out loud how they feel and what they need.  The honesty these youngsters demonstrated when describing their learning needs is both heart rending and inspiring.  The children are clearly very much aware that their learning needs are different from the majority of their peers. They ask only that we, as teachers, respect these differences and make the accommodations necessary to allow them to learn. The question is are we up to the task of providing all of our children the opportunity to be successful in our classrooms? If so some of our students need to be allowed to move around, to wear headsets (to block out distracting background noise), slouch, work in cooperative groups, to work alone, to listen to relaxing music while working, and so on. Most important of all, we must show all our children acceptance, respect, understanding, and love because these are the real tools that will lead to life long success. 

Caroline Parsell is a toddler teacher at Rising Star Montessori. The is her first year on staff but she has been a part of RSMA for 7 years as an amazing grandparent. She has been teaching for many years and Rising Star is blessed that she decided to teach the toddler program. 

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